Handcrafted products, the passion of some employees from Pandora Tecuci A ladybug glued to an ornamental basket made of recycled materials in which two chickens made of mohair threads smile funny. What could be more beautiful on the eve of Easter? Such handmade baskets are made by some of the skilled employees of the Pandora Tecuci factory, in their free time. Maybe the employees would never have started making such products, but we may say that the pandemic situation has developed their creative side.

Girls use recyclable materials to make these spring arrangements that you may not even think about. Mohair or wool yarns turn into fluffy chicks, while the pieces of string are the perfect ornament for an arrangement made of cardboard coffee cups. On the other hand, wooden ice cream sticks are used for miniature fences.

Geta Buzoi has, by far, the oldest experience in making ornamental baskets for various occasions. She started making such baskets at the end of 2020 for the Winter Holidays. Now, on the eve of Easter, she has already prepared several spectacular arrangements, using unique materials, from wood, for the base of the arrangement, to the willow twigs created, for making baskets, woolen threads for making chickens, quail eggs that she painted with natural essences and natural lichens. “I have two daughters and I chose to make holiday ornaments to spend more time with my daughters. It is also an anti-stress work “, Geta told us. “All the elements I use in my arrangements are recycled materials, except lichens and quail eggs,” said Geta. Because they are beautiful and special, Geta does not lack customers. The most loyal customers are even co-workers. “I showed my colleagues the arrangements I make and that’s how I got to have my first clients. Now I sell all the arrangements at the factory “, says Geta.



Violeta Poiana also makes special hand-made arrangements. She started this project in February 2021 when she made ornaments for March 1. “I am divided between working in the garden and my passion for arrangements. It’s a lot of work but I like it. All these projects, all the arrangements, you do them in your head first and then you start to realize them. Very few times what you thought comes out 100% the same, in the end “, says Violeta, who confesses that sometimes it is the middle of the night and she is working on her arrangements.

In addition to willow created for baskets, in addition to twine and mohair, Violeta says that her arrangements also have a unique component – soap roses. Like her colleague, her main clients are co-workers. “We have different styles and, in the end, we have different products. I don’t feel like I’m in competition with the other girls who make Easter arrangements “, says Violeta.



Cristina Lazăr is the “youngest” in this “profession” but says that relatives from other cities are already looking for her to buy an arrangement. “I was looking to make a gift and I saw that there are many such gifts that look alike and have no originality. That’s how I came up with the idea of making such arrangements. I found several suppliers and got to work. I already have clients for two or three weeks “, Cristina Lazăr told us. Among the materials she uses to make miniature fences are ice cream sticks, which, she confesses, are increasingly difficult to find during this period.

“I am lucky with my son who gives me all kinds of suggestions and solutions to find new materials,” says Cristina, who is somewhat sad that during this period there are no more Traditional Fairs where artisans can exhibit their products. This is the story of Pandora Tecuci employees who supplement their income by making hand made products for the Winter Holidays or for the Easter Holidays.