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Our technical team has the experience and ability to start from a design sheet and eventually a size specification and get the pattern and a prototype that we can fit in house or with the customers design team.

We offer integrated business solutions - 3 D patterns, 2 D patterns, sample and collections - in an integrated Management System: Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility as being the holder of ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and SA 8000:2014 Certificates.
We have a team of textile specialists supported by in-house pattern makers and sample line ensures that all details required will meet customer’s demands.These enable us to develop prototypes and collections in a short lead-time based only on initial design sheet and size specifications. The technical team provides full grading and marker making capability using our CAD equipment. New technologies combined with continuous specialized training ensures the development of high quality patterns.
Connection with multiple suppliers around the globe that allow us to find and propose the best and most suitable materials. We are be able to source certified recycled fabrics with RCS and GRS Certificate, recycled and organic cotton, organic fabrics. Pandora is the holder of RCS Certificate, GOTS Certificate and Better Cotton Initiative Tracer User.
complete integrity and confidence
Key Account Manager to ensure complete integrity and confidence through the process from taking the order to delivery of finished product.
A professional and experienced transport service either hanging or flat pack to ensure the costumer receives their products in due time whilst also maintaining the appearance due to careful packaging and handling.
Based at 2 sites across Romania, we offers a combined capacity of 70,000 units per month. A team of around 1000 people transform a sketch into a product and delivers it to its highest quality standards. With 2 production sites we have the capacity and the flexibility to produce a large number of styles. Specialized production lines and flexible to different fabric types, from woven, cashmere blend, velvet or lace, leather and special stitches, handmade details and delicate finishing, the whole production process is made in a friendly employee s environment where responsibility is a key word and a true value.
Due to the global demand for high-quality clothing we keep investing continuously in people, machinery and processes. We are therefore equipped with modern machines and automation technology in spreading, cutting, manufacturing and packaging.
The main site, in Focsani, incorporating Head Office . The facility comprises the whole process from sampling, cutting, sewing, finishing and everything related to the buying, technical and customer services support. 520 people are employed here covering 6 production lines as well as the administrative functions.

Our main production site, in Focsani

In Focsani is our Head Office

In Focsani, Pandora has 520 employes, covering 6 production lines as well as the administrative functions.

Pandora Tecuci Factory produces ladies and men’s outerwear and tailored ladies suits and dresses, having all facilities for the full production process. It employs 480 people split between 8 production lines. The factory is situated only 30 minutes away from Focsani and has the same management team as Pandora Focsani

Tecuci, our second production site

We have a second site in Tecuci

In Tecuci we have 480 employes, split between 8 production lines


Founded in 1994, Pandora is a family owned business that has its roots in his founder’s 30 years of experience in the textile field. Sharing his experience with his sons, they have grown the business from 25 employees in ‘94 and only a few hundred garments/ month – production capacity, to a big, modern group companies today.

 Pandora opened a new factory in Tecuci

Pandora moved into a new building. You cand find us at no. 73, Cuza Voda street, Focsani, Vrancea County.

Pandora employs around 1000 people based at 2 sites across Romania and offers a combined capacity of 70,000 units per month.

In 2019 we celebrate Pandora’s 25th anniversary

Founded in 1994, Pandora is a family owned business that has its roots in his founder’s 30 years of experience in the textile field.

The 25-year-old Pandora's story

The 25-year-old Pandora’s story started simple and natural: a man, a sewing machine, a lot of work and a lot more determination. We invite you to discover the story of a sewing machine that forged destinies. It is the story of a family business in the textile industry that has grown in 25 years from 1 to about 1,000 employees, today offering services both in the direction of pattern development as well as in the manufacturing area.

We happily develop professional fulfilled people

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