Meet Santa

We all dream about meeting Santa
Brief info

Since 2016, Santa Claus finds, year by year, his way to Pandora to meet with all team members!

Who never dreamt at least once in a life time to meet Santa and see what he has in his big, red bag? Few of us have managed such a meeting … But , at Pandora, dreams come true and every year we meet with Santa.

Santa and his helpers are preparing, each year, their sleigh to meet Pandora team. He found a path through in 2016 and since then he keeps winning the hearts of our employees who welcome him with great joy. It is a zero level meeting that brings a smile on their faces. A new mission accomplished! Santa Delivered happiness and, as you know, Delivering happiness is lovely!

Santa came to…Pandora in 2016

Santa and his beautiful reindeer arrived to Pandora. We do not know exactly who brought most of joy: Santa or the reindeer? Let’s discover together!

Santa found us also in 2017

Young Santa was received with great enthusiasm this year by Team Pandora! Our colleagues even wrote him poems!

Santa was here also in 2018

A lot of laughter and joy on our last day of work for this year! We sang songs to Santa and invited him not to forget about us in 2019!