On 21 st of September 2019, Pandora together with local authorities, in total more than 50 people responded positively to the challenge of collecting the PETs and garbage in the Black Forest from the edge of Rădulești village, Vrancea county.
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On Saturday, September 21, 2019, an ecological action is organized in the Black Forest, in the village of Rădulești, Vânatori commune. The action takes place under the genre “The clean forest is wonderful” and is initiated by SC Pandora Prod. the City Hall Vânatori, the County Police Inspectorate, the County Gendarmes Inspectorate, the members of the community “Mausoleums on bikes”, the Sport Association “Tomiță Lazăr” and the social movement “Street is not an ashtray” also took part in the event. In order to reach the Black Forest, the organizers propose two meeting points: Piata Unirii, Focsani, at 8.55, and Pandora headquarters, from Cuza Voda str. 73, at 9:15. “For this action, we provide household bags and protective gloves, the collected waste will be taken over by Vanatori City Hall. When the activity is over we have the opportunity to visit the area of trenches of the First World War, from the Black Forest, but also a bunker built by the Romanian Army ”, announced the organizers of the greening action.