On November 29th, 2019, the whole 900 members of Pandora s team gather together to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Doru Simiz, CEO, started his speech with a story. We invite you to read it in order to discover that a legacy is as valuable as the feelings it represents.

Doru Simiz, CEO Pandora Prod

“Please allow me to begin with a story, a story of a sewing machine, who forged destinies.

Once upon a time, like never before, there was a man and a sewing machine.

The story has begun 60 years ago, when a young man, who was only 16 at that time, was sent to be a tailor’s apprentice. After years of apprenticeship, the young man received an offer for a job in a tailoring room of the biggest garment factory from a small city in South East Romania.

The time has passed, the young man became an adult, started a family and raised two boys.

One of them is me. I remember my father had at home a sewing machine and he used to sew suits for men all day long, until the late hours of night. And I remember as well that our duty, as children, was to clean that sewing machine. I made a promise to myself during those days, that the first thing I will do when I grow up is to sell that sewing machine. The time has passed, and my father decided to build himself a business in garment manufacturing.

As for myself, driven by my childhood obsession to sell the sewing machine, I have decided to follow a different path than my father and I graduated the International Trade and Negotiations University.

But life does not lead you where you think you want, but where is best for you, right? And so, after graduating University, my first job was at the same big factory from Focsani, where my dad was manager of the tailoring room, only that I worked on Commercial Department.

After some time, naturally, I joined the family business, founded by my father, and here we are today, after many changes, when Pandora marks 25 years. I tried to build the image of a legacy, but also of a constant change; change that over the years have forced us to improve ourselves, but also to pay attention to the overall picture. So, for being able to face all the future challenges, we must constantly innovate. Whether we are talking about digitalization, 3D, robotics or technology 4.0, we have to accomplish those improvement that future generations are waiting from us. Innovation is an opportunity for those who understand that is necessary to be prepared for the future. However, it seems that tomorrow is here.

Looking back, from the moment we’ve decided to follow the development path, 25 years ago, I am so happy to find ourselves still together during all these years, on the same path, sharing the same values and building together not only innovative products, but also strong partnerships.

By the way, do you remember young Doru who wanted so badly to grow up and sell the sewing machine, that he had to clean every single day?I must admit that I have never done such a thing, and the sewing machine is still in our family. That sewing machine it is, today, our legacy”.

During the event, employees of Pandora who had 25 years of experience with the company got awarded. Also, the whole team being considered a winner and a part of the history of Pandora, received a medal, as sign of appreciation. Happy 25 to us!

On November 29, 2019 Pandora Team celebrated 25 years at the Sara Event hall. The 25-year story of Pandora started simple and natural: a man, a sewing machine, a lot of work, but also a lot of determination. It is the story of a family business in the textile industry that has grown in 25 years from 1 to about 1,000 employees, today offering services both in the development and in the manufacturing areas. We are happy to see how we have grown together for years, as # team going in the same direction, sharing the same values and building together more and more complex and innovative products. Happy Birthday Pandora!